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Police Car Transporter 3D на Андроид

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Police Car Transporter 3D на Андроид

Игра Police Car Transporter 3D, скачать APK, обзор игры, прохождение, видео, секреты, подсказки и вики.

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Police Car Transporter 3D iOS

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A Car Transporter with a twist , a cop twist.
Police Car Transporter 3D needs your help, hero. To survive , the police of this fine city need you to help them transporting certain vehicles. You always dreamed of helping the cops, so this is a perfect way to become friends with them. The Cargo that you will be transporting will be police cars, police trucks and transporting them to where they are needed. This police game is not like any other, so have fun in Police Car Transporter 3D !

Cargo Truck, Cargo Car and Cargo Plane
The cargo transporter missions are not the same, first you will be asked to transport a police car from the cargo truck and transporting these to the location where the police needs these! From there on you will be flying in the epic cargo plane that we developed, it is a special cargo plane that no one knows off ! Police Car Transporter 3D is a different police game then that you are used to. Step into this police game with a open mind and have fun !

Police Car Transporter 3D Game Features :
▶ Survive in this epic world of police and thugs.
▶ Become the best police car transporter
▶ Many missions for you to beat !
▶ Survive the dreadful road to the finish !

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Police Car Transporter 3D

Игра Police Car Transporter 3D

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