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Parking Yard Civil Reloaded на Андроид

Скачать игру Parking Yard Civil Reloaded бесплатно

Parking Yard Civil Reloaded на Андроид

Игра Parking Yard Civil Reloaded, скачать APK, обзор игры, прохождение, видео, секреты, подсказки и вики.

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Parking Yard Civil Reloaded iOS

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Parking games have never been this much fun !
Parking Yard : Civil Reloaded is the newest addition to the Mobile Games catalogus. At the end of every parking mission you need to parking your car in a certain parking spot. Before this everything could happen, you need to be on your toes ! We inputted a lot of different secret surprises for you to behold, scare and respond at. This parking game will set a new standard for all games on the Google Play Store !

Each parking mission has been carefully selected for you !
We’ll give you a couple of little hints of what’s to come in Parking Yard : Civil Reloaded , we wouldn’t want you to go in blind! So we have shopping carts, watch out when you’re near them, that’s all we’re gonna say. It’s up to you to see which missions have a secret in it and which ones don’t This parking game is not as simple as you might have thought during the civil war. !

6 civilian parking cars for you to collect and drive !
Of course there are more than one cars in Parking Yard : Civil Reloaded , why else would you want to play beyond level one, you will want to collect them all to see the difference between parking a small car and parking a large car. There is a big difference in this parking game !

Crashed? No matter, just rewind the time in this parking game !
You can crash all you want if you have enough rewind coins, you will receive this coin after a number of parking levels or you can buy them. Parking games around the world hadn’t had the chance to try this new and innovative system out. So get going and try to crash as much as possible !

Parking Yard : Civil Reloaded Game Features
▶ Park your cars in 20 different missions!
▶ 6 parking cars to collect !
▶ Innovative system with rewinding time !
▶ Will be kept updating!

If you enjoy Parking Yard : Civil Reloaded , please give us an positive rating to create more of these awesome parking games !

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Parking Yard Civil Reloaded

Игра Parking Yard Civil Reloaded

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