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San Andreas Terrorist Police на Андроид

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San Andreas Terrorist Police на Андроид

Игра San Andreas Terrorist Police, скачать APK, обзор игры, прохождение, видео, секреты, подсказки и вики.

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San Andreas Terrorist Police iOS

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A new police force has been started — Welcome to the anti terrorist police force !
San Andreas Terrorist Police is a new terrorist police game where you need to stop the terrorist from destroying various locations. You are the only one on the scene so stop everyone as quickly as possible. San Andreas needs you to stop them, right away !
Counter Terrorist needed in San Andreas !
This police game has more than 36 special anti terrorist weapons waiting for you to be collected, shooted and re-used. It will be clear that you cannot rely on a few weapons, the terrorist will become more stronger with each mission. So strap on the Counter Terrorist vest, buy your weapons, bullets and some body armor and stop the terrorist in San Andreas Terrorist Police

30 mission for you to save the world from the terrorists !
In these 30 counter terrorist missions you will need to think on your feet, the terrorist are smart, but you need to be smarter. As an anti terrorist force in this police game and shooting game , you are the legendary hero this world needs!

Police game combined with a shooting game !
San Andreas Terrorist Police combines real police games with shooting game mechanics. You will play in third person in a semi — open world. The bad guys are everywhere so watch your back. Your colleagues in the police force are not there to protect you!

— Game Features:
▶ Legendary police force attention !
▶ A new San Andreas location !
▶ 36 epic weapons !
▶ 30 epic counter terrorist missions !

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San Andreas Terrorist Police

Игра San Andreas Terrorist Police

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