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Fire Truck Racer Chicago 3D на Андроид

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Fire Truck Racer Chicago 3D на Андроид

Игра Fire Truck Racer Chicago 3D, скачать APK, обзор игры, прохождение, видео, секреты, подсказки и вики.

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Fire Truck Racer Chicago 3D iOS

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

Become on of the good guys, and step in your fire truck!
Put on your suit and helmet, and step in your fast fire truck and drive to the emergency!
This is your time to shine and let the president know your presence! You are a born firefighter!
This game is not like any other fireman games out there! Find it out right now in our fire truck simulator!!
Help the city people as fast as you can!
You will start your fireman games with an awesome firefighter racer car, but this truck aint the fastest out there, proof yourself as a worthy firefighter, and start from the bottom and go up from there, earn money by doing fast firefighter racer driving emergency missions, and become the best firefighter out there and become one of the good guys in our fire truck games!

6 awesome fire trucks are waiting for you to be unlocked!
Collect all the 6 stunning firefighter racer trucks and race your way through the city in this fireman games! To unlock these awesome firefighter racer trucks you have to do truck driver missions, and drive to all the emergency’s. Firefighter games was never this much fun!

Customize your fire truck cars to your likings!
Because it is going to be your own awesome truck racer driving car, you need to establish your own style. You can do this through changing the paint, upgrading all the different components of your truck driving car and put on some different wheels! Have the best and fastest truck of the firefighter games out here!

Fire Truck Racer: Chicago 3D Game features :
Become one of the good guys in our firefighter games!
Infinite amount of firefighter games truck racer driving missions for you to overcome!
Collect all 6 firefighter cars and have a whole fire truck car lot in this fireman games!
Customize all these 6 firefighter truck cars and really incorporate your own style.
Firefighter games were never this much fun!
Big 3D city enviroment to play in, not like any other firefighter games.
Maximum controls with real-life firetruck handeling not like any other fireman games!

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Fire Truck Racer Chicago 3D

Игра Fire Truck Racer Chicago 3D

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