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Primal Sniper: Crime Escape на Андроид

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Primal Sniper: Crime Escape на Андроид

Игра Primal Sniper: Crime Escape, скачать APK, обзор игры, прохождение, видео, секреты, подсказки и вики.

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Primal Sniper: Crime Escape iOS

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Unleash your primal rage and fire up your sniper!
Being a vigilante, you need to help your comrades escape from prison. Yes they have committed crimes, but you need them to help you in your quest for world peace. It will not be easy so you need every able body you can get. The only weapons you got is your trustworthy sniper gun. This will help you take out the enemy prison guards into letting your friends go, but please pay attention in which order you take out who. It will be a live or death situation!
Make a headshot and get extra points doing that!
Your first priority is to help your friends get out prison and make a break for it. But you can do it with flair, take a guard out with a headshot and get an epic killcam which shows you at what angle the bullet hits the target. Primal Sniper: Crime Escape offers 20 epic sniper missions which become more difficult as you progress. Make sure you crack this prison break puzzle and help out every single one of your friends and commit the crime of crimes, breaking out of prison.

Primal Sniper : Crime Escape — Game Features:
— Primal force unleashed within your sniper
— Become a vigilante
— Master the art of sniping
— Prison break your comrades
— 20 epic sniper kill missions!

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Primal Sniper: Crime Escape

Игра Primal Sniper: Crime Escape

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