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Army Extreme Parking Simulator на Андроид

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Army Extreme Parking Simulator на Андроид

Игра Army Extreme Parking Simulator, скачать APK, обзор игры, прохождение, видео, секреты, подсказки и вики.

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Army Extreme Parking Simulator iOS

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Are you the parking expert that we’re looking for?
Army Extreme Parking Simulator is a parking game set in the WW2 era. So this means that you will park different kinds of army wars trucks, including some WW2 style trucks. You are on normandy beach also called Omaha Beach, it will not be easy to park your army truck here because of all the trenches! Be on guard and be swift!

The extreme army parking wars are starting right now!
No, not the WW2 war is starting, the parking wars are starting. This means that you have little time, a lot of pressure and only your truck to complete every level of Army Extreme Parking Simulator . Think you can manage this? It is imperative that you accomplish your job as a army truck driver, your comrades are nothing without the supplies that you deliver. The parking needs to be spot on because it is WW2 after all.
Drive four different army trucks in Army Extreme Parking Simulator!
With every mission that you complete comes a new truck. The four different trucks will be more difficult to manage because of the power, size and handling of the army truck. Next to a APC, you can drive a German Truck, Hummer and of course, a real army tank! But don’t think that you can drive over everything just because you have an army truck, you’ll have to drive and park correctly to complete every missions!

Army Extreme Parking Simulator — Game Features:
— Army Parking in a WW2 setting!
— Park your army truck on Omaha Beach!
— Drive four different vehicles in Army Extreme Parking Simulator!
— 20 Missions for you to enjoy!
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Army Extreme Parking Simulator

Игра Army Extreme Parking Simulator

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