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Ambulance City Parking 2016 на Андроид

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Ambulance City Parking 2016 на Андроид

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Ambulance City Parking 2016 iOS

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The situation is dire, multiple persons are wounded and you are the only on of the ambulance city drivers who is available at the moment. You need to drive fast and become epic at parking your car in the right way, so the distance to the patiants needs to be perfect, the angle and the speed of how long it takes for you as a ambulance simulator driver to get there! At the end you are a hero and the best ambulance driver in this city!
Just a parking simulator..
That was just a simulation, but these situations can be the order of the day as you are a ambulance driver and playing these ambulance games. This ambulance simulator 3D will get you in shape and will let you rescue patients even faster than you thought was possible!

The missions in Ambulance City Parking 2016 simulator will make sure you handle the following aspects:
Fast driving without causing accidents.
Precision driving in your ambulance
Precision parking, close enough to the patients but not to close.
The angle of your ambulance needs to be spot on.

Master the art of parking in Ambulance City Parking 2016!
If you master these aspects i will have no doubt you will become on the best ambulance driver in your city hospital. Becoming the best is no small feet, you will be able to save even more patients that you thought was even possible. Are you the Hero this city hospital needs?

Ambulance City Parking 2016 — Game features:
Play our ambulance simulator 3D to increase your skills at parking games!
Master the three aspects of ambulance driving, speed, precision and angle of your ambulance.
Rescue multiple patients during your time in the ambulance simulator 3D game
Become the next hero of this city hospital!

Learn to park your ambulance in a way that really helps people! If you think about it, if you park an ambulance in the wrong manner, people can end up getting hurt.

Parking your ambulance isn’t a simple thing, it requires real concentration and skill. This you will lean in this ambulance simulator!


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Ambulance City Parking 2016

Игра Ambulance City Parking 2016

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