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The Sparta Android GamePlay Trailer (1080p)

Скачать The Sparta Android GamePlay Trailer (1080p) бесплатно

The Sparta Android GamePlay Trailer (1080p) на Android

Courageous Spartan's status ruled by a fingertip!
Make a definite point in the middle of infinite battle!
Make cruel opponents and competitor give in with great heroes.

■■■■■Game description■■■■■

Strategy with extraordinary appearances! Best looking strategy RPG

● Real Spartan heroes
Manly Leonidas! Generous Xerxes!
Create unrivaled team and go for an adventure with hundreds of Spartan heroes!

● Strategic hero battle
Everyone can enjoy the game easily with easy and quick auto battle mode!
Take the advantageous position first, hero's unique skill, and total immersion!
The tactic you have selected each turn will affect the victory of defeat of the battle!

● Infinite battle PvP
Subjugate the Olympiad by competing other users with my own tactics!
Only the winner can conquer Sparta!

● Dynamic and diverse game modes
Stop boring games repeating the same battle!
There are over 200 stages such as Normal Dungeon, Elite Dungeon, Expedition and so on.
Enjoy dungeon with heroes!



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