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Chibi 3 Kingdoms Android GamePlay Trailer (1080p)

Скачать Chibi 3 Kingdoms Android GamePlay Trailer (1080p) бесплатно

Chibi 3 Kingdoms Android GamePlay Trailer (1080p) на Android

Chibi 3 Kingdoms is a brand new mobile Action RPG set in the 3 Kingdoms Era. Team up with your friends in the best and newest action RPG of the year! Gear up, march on and claim your victory!
•Over 100 Recruitable Generals•
Recruit your favorite and most powerful legendary generals! Plan your strategy and create your best combo!

•Upgradable Armies•
Recruit and upgrade your infantries, bowmans and cavalries! And dominate the land!

•Strategy Required•
Plot your best strategy! Which one do you prefer? Attack or defend? Victory or defeat? Everything depends on you and your ultimate strategy!

•Heat of War•
No time to rest! Defend your kingdom from the enemies! Get ready to feel the heat of a never-ending war!

•Features and Events•
Over hundreds of features and events are ready to entertain you! Don’t miss every single chance to grow even faster, even stronger, and take down your enemies!

Minimum Requirements
Resolution: 800×480

Download link:

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