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Cardboard Car Racing Android GamePlay Trailer (1080p)

Скачать Cardboard Car Racing Android GamePlay Trailer (1080p) бесплатно

Cardboard Car Racing Android GamePlay Trailer (1080p) на Android

The most entertaining and addictive physics based driving game ever made! Try it out for Free!
Announcing Cardboard Car Racing, it's an awesome 2.5D, Realtime Online Multiplayer, Realistic Physics based, Endless Side Scrolling, Racing Game that is just jam packed with fun adventures!

Cardboard Car Racing challenges you to unlock our massive collection of awesome vehicles each with their own unique features such as suspension travel, vehicle weight, tyre grip, engine power, and battery capacity to travel across the furthest reaches in many adventurous stages.

Race in action packed, perilous time / distance based (not to mention — Hilarious) races against your evil opponent Mr. Kay. Gain multiple bonuses from huge daring tricks and collect coins to upgrade your car and reach even higher distances. Just don't crack your neck while trying to win! Need we say anything more? Speed is the key here but alas, the road is long!

Drive or Ride your favorite Cardboard based mini vehicles including Trial Dirt Bike, ATV, Truck, 4×4, 6×6, Off Road Climber, Rock Crawler, Jeep, Beach Buggy, Scooter, Train, Tank and Tractor to climb stages such as Hill, Asphalt, Dirt, Jungle, Mountain, and other beautifully crafted stages. Boost your vehicles and unleash their furious potential by unlocking up to 5 different upgrades.

Just buckle up and Drive. Are you up for the challenge?

★ Online Realtime Multiplayer from 140+ countries
★ Stunning 3D visuals and graphics
★ Play Offline against CPU
★ Free to Play, with Rewarded AD's to collect free coins
★ Leaderboards & Achievements
★ Google Saved Games Cloud Save
★ Smooth and realistic physics
★ Plenty of selectable vehicles
★ Upgradeable vehicle parts
★ Social Media Sharing
★ Beautiful UI

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