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THE LAST REMNANT Android GamePlay Trailer (JP) (1080p) ラスト レムナント

Скачать THE LAST REMNANT Android GamePlay Trailer (JP) (1080p) ラスト レムナント бесплатно

THE LAST REMNANT Android GamePlay Trailer (JP) (1080p) ラスト レムナント на Android

2008 — army battle was released in 2009 an attractive strategy RPG
"The Last Remnant" full version, finally awakening in the smartphone!
◇ trial play 30 minutes of free-play basic pay (2000 yen including tax)
◇ cloud game dedicated application that uses the streaming communication
※ Please play the game Read the following precautions
[The cloud game]
To perform all of the game program processing on the server side, it is a game that utilizes cloud technology to deliver streaming video and audio of the game in the smartphone and tablet devices.

[Note on to play]
This application-, during game play, we always 3Mbps or more of streaming communication will occur. In order to enjoy a stable and games, we recommend you use in Wi-Fi environment, which is connected to a broadband line such as optical line with the effective bandwidth of more than 6Mbps.
— During game play, if the bandwidth shortage of used line occurs, there is the case that normally can not be played. We recommend that you save the game frequently.
— It will continue to play the game a long time when the battery and the body of your smartphone tablet terminal might be with the heat. Because such as angled and forced the end of the game video is also available if the cause that occurs, we recommend that you play to put a reasonable break.
Be sure before you buy,, please check the operation at trial play. Save data in the trial play will not be saved.
Game can not be enabled cancellation and refund, etc. after purchase. Please note.

* — * — * — * — * — * — * — * — * — * — * — *
◆ Games Info ◆
Profound story, a wide variety of characters beyond the race, a world of fierce army battle like our game Union each other to clash, please enjoy enjoyed the smartphone tablet!
This game ※, we will provide the launch has been "The Last Remnant" PC version of the same function in 2009

* — * — * — * — * — * — * — * — * — * — * — *
◆ prologue ◆
Game of the stage, the imaginary world that the mystery of the ruins, called here and there in the "remnant" of the world has been excavated.

It from the year about 1000.
Hero who had been peacefully living in a corner of the world, will set foot in the wake of that was kidnapped the sister to the mystery of the population that suddenly appeared in the war.

* — * — * — * — * — * — * — * — * — * — * — *
◇ ◆ new elements that have been added in the PC version ◆ ◇
Battle-speed mode equipped
During battle, you play possible at normal times the speed! You can advance more quickly in the comfort of the game.
Leader release of unit
Release all reader unit limit on the number of can participate in the battle!
— Arms and Armor of the reviews featured
For trading in and status screen of weapons and armor in the storefront, weapons and armor of the design preview to be able to! You can emphasize or design to focus on performance, it spreads fun of customization.
English Voice Switch to correspondence
Japanese voice, of course, to be able to play by switching to English voice! (With Japanese subtitles)
Arts confirmation of
Greatly affect the arts war situation of battle. to be able to switch the arts each unit to be used freely! The specified arts will be easier to select. Only favorite of the Arts also use good, let's assemble your own strategies.
Confirmation of item
possible that the fellow is to be confirmed at the same time items are wanted and items for which you have! Let's go to collect material for the fellow.
Changing the style and equipment
Depending on the unit, equipped with style can be changed in the time of battle! Such as the one hand retention and two-handed you can switch freely.
— Powerful additional battle unit, participation of seven Shu!
Familiar of that character in the 360 ​​version has participated as a battle unit! Although such employment conditions are shrouded in mystery, it will no doubt be a great force if Kuwaware to ally Union. In accordance with the addition of seven week, also added dedicated Jin wound.

* — * — * — * — * — * — * — * — * — * — * — *
[Supported OS]
Android 4.2 or later

1. With regard to the operation of non supported OS, it is not supported.
2. even correspondence OS, it does not necessarily guarantee the operation of the latest OS.
3. Depending on the WiFi environment the customer is available (part of the paid WiFi service), such as a game video that will be delivered in a streaming arrive Kaku, there is the case that the game can not be played normally. Please contact customer support center of each WiFi service during your contract.

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