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Squareface. Экшен приключение от 3го лица

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Squareface is a 3rd-person action adventure mobile game. The purpose of the game is to have genuine fun whilst completing all the challenging missions, destroying all enemies, exploring and discovering a vast world filled with present day items and secrets. The player will be able to use various weapons, gadgets, even a pet A.I., and build cardboard structures to successfully achieve the set goals.

Your square-faced, cool, adventurous, paper character finds itself in an unknown and very engaging universe and has to uncover the mystery of the cardboard figurines. The character will learn great skills to master the environment and to confront its arch nemesis in an intriguing and suspenseful action story.

The action story will unfold as you play the game. It has a 3rd-person camera view and it uses the stick controller and contextual touch giving the user advanced control over a cardboard, highly customisable, character.

In a universe that makes everything look and feel huge, comes a paper character set to prove itself. Lifestyle being very important, the persona can be very customizable. The way your character looks gives you two main features: pocket size for all the cash and, of course, coolness as a skill. What your character does is entirely up to your imagination.

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/squar…

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