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Jolly Days Farm trailer

Скачать Jolly Days Farm trailer бесплатно

Jolly Days Farm trailer на Android

Jolly Days Farm is now available worldwide on Google Play http://bit.ly/YB3TPp

Do you know the secret to happiness? They do on Jolly Day Farm! All the animals have fun, every day! The pigs love the mud, the cows chew the cude, and the chickens cluck as they warm their eggs. Even the cat and dog manage to be the best of friends.

With such harmony, the farmer looks at his farm every day and smiles, smiles, smiles. As the days pass, he'll change from a simple farmer to a cheese tycoon — but the farm's friendliness will never change.

Game features:

You'll love the cute animals!
This game seems to last forever!
Strain your brain with the farmyard puzzles!
There's a bunch of kooky contraptions to play with
It sounds better than a singing cow!
Work out your own way to win!

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