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Игра Goal Heroes Android GamePlay Trailer (1080p)

Скачать Goal Heroes Android GamePlay Trailer (1080p).

Goal Heroes Android GamePlay Trailer (1080p) на Android

WOW! The epic collection game Goal Heroes online in genre RPG. Let's create a guild of heroes for tournament formant of football matches!
PLAY FREE at the most exciting and interactive mobile game!
Are you interested in it? So, look at some wonderful things which we have prepared for you!

Goal Heroes – it is a new real time strategy, where you fight to find missing gold which theurgist got from neighboring state for development spell. Thieves disappeared without a trace and only real heroes can track down them! If you like PVP or another multiplayer games, you will like Goal Heroes, where you must destroy obstacles, putting away your hostile, and must find missing measures!

Ahead of an exciting trip to fantasy world PVP- it is a strategy (player vs. player) of Goal Heroes!

You must collect your dream guild of unique heroes, each of them have individual abilities, which applying at PVP fighting:
— Diana. Role: winger. Skill: Storm of arrows. Damages enemy guarding for a few seconds.
— Sungour. Role: winger. Skill: In the power of nature. Spirits inhabit in both guard and increase damage at him.
— Haru. Role: defender. Skill: Flurry. Causes damage to all enemies, scattering acute wings.
— Folha. Role: defender. Skill: Barded vine. Reflects damage to the hostile into enemies
— Ular. Role: guardian. Skill: Toxic spittle. Reflects damage to all hostile and slows down the regeneration of energy
— Helv. Role: winger. Skill: Cunning demon. Overhears word of spells and repeats sentence.
— Kaid. Role: winger. Skill: in the service of revenge. Stealing energy from enemy guards and gives to his guard
— Khizmat. Role: defender. Skill: Amulet from hell. Burns guard of his team for amplification his team.
— Nira. Role: defender. Skill: Fall in love to demon. Forbids using the skills.
— Tsiaron. Role: guardian. Skill: flash of anger. Fire shield, reflecting the first received damage
e. t. c.

Create the strongest team at adventure PVP! You can use the best strategy in a real time for return stolen gold!

Exciting online RPG game Goal Heroes will allow spend easy and interestingly your free time or distraction from it all and enjoy game together with your friends or at PVP fight vs them.

We love our work and appreciate people who play our PRG games. Accordingly, we have done everything possible for strategy real time will be stable and will not fail. We also have fended about balance for honesty and justice. And our game does not have cheats what provided a high user level. We did not do an extortionate and obsessive donation.

Follow the news our collection online RPG game Goal Heroes in social networks. Besides, chat directly with the developers! Plunge into the world of fight and other events, watch new videos, and find out new games.

——Features and opportunities Goal Heroes ——
The fascinating world of fantasy
The epic collection game in genre online RPG
PVP fight online in a format of football matches
Colorful fantastic unique graphic 3D
Bleed the characters for PVP fight
Do exciting quests
Create invincible guild and destroy hostiles in PVP fight
Take part in tournaments
Win with your unique strategy
Command your team in epic tournaments
Express yourself fate in real team
Receive remuneration for successful search, which force you to play game again and again

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/goalheroes
Instagram: https://instagram.com/goalheroes/
Vkontakte: https://vk.com/goalheroes
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzvAL…

Online RPG Game Goal Heroes optimized for Android smartphones and tablets.

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